5 Ways You Can Refresh Your Patio on a Budget

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We may have exited the summer months as we write this and are now spending more time indoors than out, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of when we can enjoy our garden again!

That time can still be now! Even with autumn here and winter rolling in, our gardens can still be a place for work, rest, and play, but much depends on what you make of the space you have.

At Tidey & Webb, we attend many properties throughout the year where the focus is the garden, and for the most part, the patio is where people look for the most guidance. As residential surfacing experts, we are more than happy to pass on our advice so that you can get the most from your garden space.

In this edition of our blog, we look at 5 ways you can give your patio a refresh that won’t cost the earth but benefits you more than you thought it might be able to!

1. Add a feature

Quite often when we complete a patio installation, the property owners have a multitude of ideas for how they want to use it. In many cases, one of the main reasons is for it to become a social hotspot. Somewhere where groups can gather, enjoy a BBQ, or sit and chat. Other times, the focus is on having somewhere that is a private place, perhaps one for reflection, or a place for a sneaky nap, or somewhere to read a book peacefully.

A focal point often does wonders in helping create this. The addition of a fountain, an oversized planter or even a tree, can totally transform the vibe of your patio and help bring people together or make a statement that the area is your special haven.

2. Turn up the colour

Depending on how big your patio is and the colour of the brickwork on the house, your patio could often look a little sparse. A plain surface, adorned by just a table and chairs doesn’t look particularly inspiring. Especially if you want to draw people outside. Add flowers to the perimeter or make a pathway with them to bring some vibrancy to the patio. If your patio is dark in colour, the brightness of busy lizzies, geraniums or begonias can all make a real impact. During the colder months, look for hardier flowers that remain colourful when it gets colder. Or perhaps better still, especially if you have children, give it a wintery theme ready for Christmas with your holly bushes, Christmas trees and more. When speaking with our team about patios, look at the options we can provide, our versatile options mean your patio can look great all year long!

3. Add a secret space

Where we mentioned a focal point in our first tip, we touched upon the idea of a patio being used as a haven for relaxation. Why not combine the two by opting for a garden arbour? Cosy enough for two people, but perfectly suited for one, an arbour allows you to enjoy your patio when perhaps the noise indoors is getting too much, or you just want to have some downtime enjoying that book. With the addition of cushions and a table, you can truly unwind. What’s more, climbing roses will give it an additional pop of colour and help make it look even better.

4. Create a kids play zone

If your patio space is large enough, you can encourage more outdoor play for the children by dedicating part of it to them. What you opt to add is down to you, but from playhouses to sand pits and from games to pools, the opportunities are endless. This is a great way to encourage the children to venture outside more and as a result cut down on screen time. In most cases, the items you provide your children with can be switched out at any time, meaning that the area stays refreshed and inspiring for the kids all year long.

5. Add lighting

This is perhaps one of the most obvious options and is well worth considering, if you have factored in any of the above, you might want to make sure they can be enjoyed even when the nights draw in. Look for lights that can adorn the arbour as well as the house itself, and maybe add some to the planter too. The lighting will add a cosy feel to the patio during both the winter and summer months.

A patio can be a space full of wonder and our five suggestions are just five of potentially hundreds. If you are starting to feel that a patio could be what your garden needs, speak to our team. As Sussex surfacing specialists we can offer full advice and guidance on what your garden could benefit from. With a full site visit and assessment of your needs, we will offer detailed information so that you can then make an informed decision on whether you want to proceed. Get a free quote today to see how affordable your garden renovation can become.

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