Does a Paved Garden Add Value to Your Home?

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Any home renovation project is often taken with two objectives in mind. One, to make the home a nicer place to live and enjoy, and two, to help drive its value upwards when it comes to selling.

One area often thought about last, but the thing people see first is the garden. For many, it just needs the grass not to be overgrown and provide a space for the kids to play or the dog to wander and nothing more. For others, it is a labour of love that helps accentuate the property and give it a little character. It is these people who are likely to see the better property value come listing time.

A few years back it was found that a landscaped garden could, in some cases, add as much as 77% to the house value! Certainly nothing to be sniffed at! What’s more, 70% of those looking to buy a home say they would pay more for a home with a dedicated green space. When this green space is designed right and presented well, everybody wins!

How does paving add value to a garden?

Adding paving to your garden is one of the best ways to help drive the value of it upwards. Not only does it eliminate some of the space that may require your green finger expertise, and therefore more of your time but it also gives people a better idea of the garden's flow.

Breaking the garden into sections

Paving allows you to divide the garden into sections which can be extremely beneficial if you would prefer the kids to have one area to play in! It also gives you access to focal points. Fountains, statues, ponds and more all help add to a garden and a paved pathway to lead people towards and around these items not only keeps the lawn free from wear and tear but also guides people on how you want them to get to these items.

Creativity and innovation

You can be creative with paving too, varied colours and patterns as well as finishes can work well to complement certain elements of your garden. For example, if you have lots of flowers in purple or white, you will see them enhanced with grey or white paving. Should the garden décor be more focused on reds, yellows, or oranges, aim for black or silver paving and see how much it can transform your garden.

Extension of driveway

Depending on the layout of your home, your driveway may run close to the garden too and having this improved or resurfaced can see as much as an additional 5-10% added to the house value. A Block paving driveway can add some character to the home and the same surfacing can then be used as a path leading off from the drive onto and then around the garden.

Patio power!

You should also consider a patio. This means that not only will you have the paved area to guide people around the garden but will also have an area that can act as an entertainment hub for garden parties, BBQs, or just for when working from home needs to be taken outside! For impact that may impress potential buyers, guests, or even yourself, opt for a grey or beige patio. These are found to not only look amazing but also more likely to attract buyers than other colours!

What paving helps add value to my garden?

All types of paving added to a garden can add value as they all serve a warranted purpose. You just need to find the right one that suits your garden layout and does the job you want it to.

For example, having an area made for the kids to play on might benefit from a very different surface type to an area that just acts as a path.

In addition, you may want some colour, and utilise the benefits of coloured asphalt to help enhance certain aspects of your garden.

You should consider the land the paving will be added to in order to determine what surface type you may want to add. Some respond better to different environments than others. Luckily, our team at Tidey & Webb have over 30 years of experience in residential surfacing projects and can assess the ground in your garden to give you the best options for a long-lasting, durable, and stunning new surface.

Other ways you can increase the value of your garden

The addition of some paving to your garden certainly helps add impact and creativity to it but there are some other ways you can see the value of your home increase just through some changes to your green space.

  • Add water features or other focal points. Not only are they good for driving value but they work wonders for mindfulness too!
  • Add tall fences. They promote security and add an extra degree of privacy. Something that can sway buyers quite easily!
  • Plant trees. Beautiful plants and flowers may adorn hanging baskets and flower beds, but a tree can make a huge difference. Perfect as a kids' plaything, a rest and relaxation spot or just a feature. A tree can make a difference. Just don’t plant it near driveways or the house! If a buyer spots a problem, it could cost them lots to fix!
  • Utilise slopes. Where the garden may have slopes, use them to your benefit. Plants and flowers placed strategically help create a fantastic visual attraction that not only looks good for you but also gives those interested something they can visualise enjoying.

If you are considering a garden renovation project, contact Tidey & Webb. Our surfacing experts can help create something special in your back or front garden that will not only help give you something incredible for your home but also something that helps you sell for more when the time comes. Contact us about garden paving today and see what we can do!

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