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Tidey & Webb are the South’s leading surfacing specialists with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  With a team of experts on hand to provide premium surfacing solutions in Kent, Tidey & Webb can be trusted to deliver high-quality workmanship and exceptional standards to both commercial and residential asphalt surfacing projects across Kent. Whether it be driveways, car parks, cycle paths or playgrounds, Tidey & Webb are your reliable, dependable, premium asphalt surfacing specialists for Kent.

A family-run business, we are proud of the customer-focused approach that separates us from the larger surfacing companies that put profit before professionalism. We make sure to include our customers in all aspects of the job we undertake, ensuring a fully transparent service that not only delivers superior results but also an exceptional level of service. Start the journey with us today by finding out more about how we can transform your surface into something that is not only good to look at but also something that lasts.

Asphalt Driveways Kent

Whether the driveway is the entry to a residential property or a commercial one, Tidey & Webb will ensure that the final result of a driveway surfacing project is one that not only makes a driveway aesthetically pleasing, but is also built to withstand variable weather conditions and high levels of traffic. Not only that but should increased visibility be necessary,  the coloured asphalt option provides added safety for users.

Our team are experts in laying new asphalt driveways but are equally adept at upgrading existing well-worn driveways that may require a little TLC. Simply inform us of your needs and our experienced team will offer impartial advice on the best course of action to find your driveway surfacing solution.

Asphalt driveways provide the owner with a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain surface, and thanks to the variable asphalt available, you can benefit from a range of options that suit your specific needs. Should you require optimal drainage, our team can lay a high-quality porous asphalt surfacing for your Kent driveway as well as open graded asphalt and PMA.  Should you require coloured asphalt to either alert road users or just to stand out, simply let us know.

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Versatile Kent Asphalt Surfacing

Whilst driveways are one of the most sought-after asphalt surfacing solutions we offer in Kent, our versatile team can help rectify a host of surfaces across the entire county. Along with driveways, we can help resurface or upgrade a wide range of surfaces to a new look asphalt. Our asphalt surfacing solutions in Kent include:

  • Carparks
  • Driveways
  • Racetracks
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports facilities

Of course, other areas can benefit from an upgrade to asphalt, and our team will be delighted to assist with any queries relating to it. If we believe asphalt would not be beneficial, we will ensure that a suitable surfacing solution is found that still delivers the versatile results asphalt delivers.

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Leaders in asphalt surfacing for Kent

If you require asphalt surfacing in Kent for any property type, Tidey & Webb are who you need to help get the project completed. We are adept at rectifying surfacing issues across a host of properties, whether they be commercial or residential. We start with a conversation to find out a little more about what you may need. We can then attend the site to give a full assessment and offer our guidance on which asphalt type would be best for your needs. In some cases, coloured asphalt will work best, especially if increased visibility is a key focus. Other times, we may recommend a polymer modified asphalt, a type of asphalt especially beneficial if you have a playground, car park, road or another commercial surfacing type that sees a high level of footfall. For added safety, especially for road users, we may recommend the durable and porous open graded asphalt surfacing. This is an ideal surfacing solution for the roads of Kent, especially in wetter weather, its constitution allowing for water to drain away and for the surface to provide added grip.

Why choose Tidey & Webb for your Kent asphalt surfacing solutions?

When it comes to asphalt surfacing in Kent, Tidey & Webb is a name that can be trusted to deliver upon its promises. Our team of skilled professionals has the knowledge and experience to tackle any asphalt surfacing project across Kent regardless of its size. Whether it be smaller surfaces like residential driveways, or larger spaces such as commercial carparks, racetracks or local parks, Tidey & Webb can ensure a premium asphalt surfacing solution for your needs.

When you choose Tidey & Webb for an asphalt surfacing solution in Kent, you not only benefit from the high level of service we have become known for, but you also stand to get superior results at an affordable cost.

We believe in honesty and transparency so offer competitive pricing for all our surfacing projects. Cost should never compromise quality, and at Tidey & Webb, we make sure that we never cut corners with the standards, workmanship, or materials.

We also value safety very highly, both you and our team mean a lot to us, and we ensure your safety comes first. With £10m public and employee liability insurance, we add additional peace of mind to anyone opting to use or work with us. With full risk assessments completed too and only using quality approved materials, we can guarantee your asphalt surfacing in Kent could not be in better hands.

Why not contact Tidey & Webb today to see how we can complete your Kent asphalt surfacing projects to the highest standard, best price and in a timely, safe manner?

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