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Ever since we first set to work laying driveways, carparks, playgrounds and more over 40 years ago, our commitment to delivering premium surfacing solutions in Kent has never wavered. Ensuring a high quality of work from start to finish and giving you a surface built to last, the Tidey and Webb team are your number one choice for superior surfacing across Kent. Proud of our family-run ethos, we dedicate ourselves to completing your surfacing projects in Kent with a personal touch that other larger companies, may not be able to offer.

Whether it be a residential resurfacing undertaking such as a driveway, or a commercial project like a car park surfacing in Kent, you can trust the Tidey & Webb team to deliver on its promises and give you an affordable, durable, effective surfacing solution. It all starts with getting in touch and discovering how we can transform your surface from an eyesore into something brand new. Whether it be Kent playground surfacing, business park surfacing, road surfacing, or just a small driveway, Tidey & Webb are THE Kent surfacing contractors.

Car Park Surfacing Kent

Perhaps one of our most frequent requests is to resurface car parks across Kent. Poor installations or the wrong choice of surface type leads to many car parks being riddled with potholes, cracks, and warping that not only compromise the aesthetics of the car park but pose a safety risk to drivers and those on foot too. Our team of car park surfacing specialists works with you to find the best surfacing solution for your car park that not only suits the look and the quality you require but also the budget. We only use the best surfacing materials available and the most refined methods to lay your new surface. Ensuring that your car park remains in fantastic condition for years to come. Simply speak to our team to find out what matches your needs.

Certain materials offer different benefits to others and at Tidey & Webb, we work to ensure the perfect surface for your car park is always possible. Pourous asphalt, for example, will be beneficial if your car park is prone to high levels of rainfall, open-graded asphalt will be beneficial for Kent supermarkets or shopping centres where traffic levels are consistently high. As leading surfacing contractors in Kent, you can rely on Tidey & Webb to provide your commercial property with a car park that adds value to your business as well as a stunning feature that increases both commercial and visual appeal.

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Road Surfacing Kent

We don’t just limit ourselves to the car parks of Kent. Over the past 40+ years, we have regularly helped with tarmac surfacing in Kent and the surrounding areas, ensuring that the roads are of the utmost quality. Using dense bitumen macadam in many instances, we create a road surface type that provides road users with a safe and durable material able to withstand heavy traffic and varying weather conditions. Of course, should an alternate surface be preferred or required, in our capacity as the leading road surfacing contractor in Kent, we can advise on the best solution for your needs. Polymer modified asphalt, for example, is another premium surface type that delivers benefits to roads and car parks especially.

We regularly work with local councils and developers to ensure that roads, be they major or minor, are maintained, or fully resurfaced. We benefit from extensive local knowledge, and with a team of highly skilled professionals, can complete Kent County surfacing projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. Should it be a maintenance job that requires a quick fix or an entire road resurfacing, speak to our team today. We will be delighted to help.

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Playground Surfacing Kent

Another one of our commercial surfacing features we are commonly asked for is playground resurfacing. For years, we have been maintaining, enhancing, and completely resurfacing playgrounds across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, delivering fun, safe and long-lasting surfaces that benefit both the school and its pupils.

Removing trip hazards, clearing overgrown vegetation, and improving the drainage are just part of the offering when it comes to playground surfacing and at Tidey & Webb, we ensure that no stone is left unturned to give the school an optimal playground surface that can be enjoyed all year long. Our playground surfacing at Bishop Wand School in Surrey is a great example of how we can transform any playground surface. Browse our case study to take a closer look.

With careful planning between the school, local authorities, and ourselves, we work to ensure that the project is completed in a safe and timely manner causing as little disruption to pupils, teachers and parents as possible. With £10m public and employee liability insurance too, you can remain confident that safety, compliance, and responsible working methods are of prime importance to us. Why not check out our guide for designing a school playground and then get in contact with us when you want to turn your playground surfacing in Kent plan into a reality?

Residential Surfacing Kent

Of course, not all our projects are related to commercial properties, although, it does take up much of our workload. We also help homeowners or housing associations with their residential surfacing needs. Whether it be resurfacing driveways, patios, play areas or paths, our team can renovate and replace any residential surface that has seen better days.  Resin bound driveways provide an attractive yet affordable driveway solution for homes in Kent and thanks to its permeable nature it is a SUDS-compliant surface, meaning you can forgo the need for planning permission to have it installed! We are Kent resin-bound surfacing specialists so why not find out more from our expert team?

Should the resin-bound surface not be required, we are also able to install block paving driveways, concrete driveways, or tarmac surfacing solutions for Kent properties.

Safety First Resurfacing in Kent

No matter the project, whether it takes a day or a few weeks to complete, the way we operate means we always put you and our surfacing experts first. Safety matters to us and with our £10m public and employee liability insurance in place, we add additional peace of mind to anyone who chooses us for a surfacing project. Not only that but with a complete risk assessment carried out in advance, we further enhance the safety of our customers and our team. Should you have any queries about our safe working measures, our risk assessments, or our insurance, please give us a call, we will be more than happy to help.

At Tidey & Webb, there is no surfacing project too small, in fact we vary our workload from one day to the next. We could install a driveway one day, and then resurface a road the next. We could be laying arena surfaces in Kent on one project and then filling in holes on a car park surfacing project right after! We understand the nature of the job means it is varied, and that is perhaps why we enjoy it so much. With safety, compliance, and quality all as standard, choose Tidey & Webb as your Kent surfacing contractors for any project.

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