Matthew Arnold School Car Park & Drainage – Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey

The expertise and commitment to quality that Tidey & Webb brings to each project are what sets us apart. Our recently concluded project at Matthew Arnold School, where we successfully overhauled a failing drainage system and dilapidated car park, demonstrates our professional prowess and dedication to sustainable practices.

The school’s surface water drainage had failed, leading to ponding across the car park. Additionally, the poor condition of the car park after years of use and breaking up of concrete slabs had resulted in numerous trip hazards. Given these circumstances, the school required both effective drainage installation and an extensive car park resurfacing.

In line with our commitment to sustainable construction practices, we took the initiative to crush all the concrete on site. This approach allowed us to repurpose the resultant material, reducing the project’s carbon footprint and minimising the need for excessive construction traffic.

Comprehensive Surfacing and Drainage Overhaul

The expansive car park area, spanning 2500m2, presented a unique challenge. Our first task was to break up and crush all the concrete on site, turning what was previously a problem into a solution. This crushed material was then repurposed as a capping layer, effectively reducing waste and reusing available resources.

Next, we focused on resolving the failed drainage that was causing the waterlogging issues. Our team installed new Twin Wall drainage across the entire length of the site, integrating it into the main surface runs. Additionally, we introduced new Liner Aco Drainage and catch pit manholes, further enhancing the site’s ability to manage surface water effectively.

Our approach to the excavation process involved reducing the digging across the whole area and efficiently mucking away the surplus material. This practice helped to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency.

We then installed a thick layer of 250mm DOT type 1, an essential step in preparing for the final surfacing layers. A robust layer of 100mm AC20 dense binder was then applied, followed by a 40mm layer of 10mm SMA for the surface course. The high-quality surfacing materials ensured a durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our final touch was to apply line markings to all bays and walkways, enhancing the usability and safety of the new car park.

This project at Matthew Arnold School demonstrates how Tidey & Webb marries traditional craftsmanship with modern, environmentally-conscious solutions. The result is a sustainably constructed, high-quality car park and drainage system that will serve the school community for years to come.

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