The Forest School, Horsham – Commercial Car Park Project

At Tidey & Webb, we’re known for delivering high-quality surfacing solutions, be it residential or commercial. Our recent project at The Forest School, Horsham, where we won the contract to overhaul their overflow car park, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Working within the parameters set by the West Sussex County Council planning permission and specifications, we undertook a significant transformation.

Initial Condition of the Car Park

Before the start of the project, the existing car park was primarily composed of sub-base. While this foundational element provided some level of functionality, there was significant room for improvement, both aesthetically and practically.

A Comprehensive Overhaul

Our team at Tidey & Webb rose to the challenge, commencing the project with a strategic approach. Our first task involved installing a new drainage swale in the grass verge. This swale was designed to efficiently channel water away from the parking area, significantly reducing the chances of water pooling and consequent damage.

To ensure a more effective drainage system, the new swale was then connected to a freshly installed flow control manhole chamber. This chamber was integrated seamlessly into the existing drainage system, enhancing its functionality.

In addition to improving drainage, we installed new kerbs around the perimeter of the car park, creating a clear, well-defined border. Across the entrance, drainage channels were added to efficiently manage rainwater and reduce the risk of flooding. We also installed a knee rail fence around the drainage swale, ensuring safety and guiding pedestrian movement.

High-Quality Surfacing

With the key infrastructural changes complete, we turned our attention to the main surfacing task. The existing sub-base was re-graded and thoroughly compacted in preparation for the new surfacing. This was critical in ensuring a smooth, even surface and improving the longevity of the final layer.

We chose to machine-lay a combination of 50mm binder course and a 30mm SMA surface course. This choice resulted in a highly durable, robust surface that is well-equipped to handle frequent use. The final touch was the marking out of parking bays using Thermoplastic paint, enhancing the usability and organisation of the space.

The result? A dramatically improved, functional, and aesthetically pleasing car park, skilfully executed by the Tidey & Webb team. Our work at The Forest School stands as a shining example of our capabilities and dedication to delivering high-quality surfacing solutions for our commercial clients.

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