Residential Driveway Surfacing for a New Build Home

At Tidey & Webb, we take great pride in our ability to successfully take on surfacing projects of all types and sizes. A recent example of our skill and expertise is a significant residential driveway surfacing project we completed for a new build home, where our team expertly handled an expansive area of 775 square meters.

Our initial task involved a comprehensive excavation and reconstruction of the principal area in front of the house. To ensure durability and long-term performance, we utilised Type 1 sub-base, a well-regarded choice known for its excellent load-bearing properties.

As the project evolved, we identified an opportunity to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the property by widening the access drive and entrance. This modification not only elevated the property’s curb appeal but also provided greater accessibility and convenience to the homeowners.

Another crucial element of our work involved the precise laying of cobbled edgings, an element that lent a stylish, traditional touch to the property. These were complemented by new recessed manhole covers, which we fitted seamlessly into the surface for an unobtrusive, practical solution.

Once these foundational works were completed, our team laid a 20mm binder course to a depth of 60mm. The binder course was critical to the project, offering an additional layer of strength and structural stability to the driveway.

The final layer was a meticulously hand-laid 10mm SMA surface course to a depth of 40mm. SMA, or Stone Mastic Asphalt, is renowned for its durability, sound reduction qualities, and water resistance, making it a premier choice for this project. Laying the SMA by hand was a deliberate decision, aimed at maintaining a flawless, joint-free surface flow, showcasing our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

We ensured the provision of adequate labour resources so that we could maintain the highest standard of craftsmanship throughout the project, from the initial excavation to the final surfacing touches. It was crucial for us that every element of this project reflected the enduring quality that Tidey & Webb is known for.

This project is a testament to our ability to blend modern surfacing technology with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in a driveway that is not only robust and functional but also aesthetically pleasing. At Tidey & Webb, we are proud to offer surfacing solutions that enhance our clients’ homes and lives.

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